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How to massage clitoris with your fingers and magic wand vibrators. Strong vibration vibrator sex toys.

What is clitoris massage ?

What is clitoris massage ?

Clitoris is the female sex organ. To make the women excited for sexual activity, it is important for men to massage the genital area like clitoris. Clitoris is the most sensitive area of the female body. To massage the clitoris men use their finger or they use the different types of sex toys. Many people say that women got orgasm for the first time with clitoris massage. Also at that time everyone use fingers and hands, but there are more people using magic wand stimulator and electric body massager than that. By stimulating the clitoris with stimulation of vibration it is possible to climb the stairs to orgasm early.

In the market different types of sex toys are available which is specially design to massage the clitoris like magic wand vibrator etc. While doing the clitoris massage, if men use their finger, then they can rub the clitoris with the finger. Men use their index finger, middle finger or ring finger to massage the clitoris. Men can slightly bend their finger and cover the clitoris. Now slightly open the labia lips and have the clitoris exposed. Men can move their finger in the circular manner near the clitoris. Couple also use their middle finger to stroke the clitoris up and down.

If couple use the sex toys then they can apply the sex toys against the clitoris. Couple can also use different types of lubricant while doing the clitoris massage or masturbation with massager vibrators.

How to do clitoris massage with magic wand vibrators?

How to do clitoris massage with magic wand vibrators?Before starting the clitoris massager, it is important for couple to apply lots of lubricant near the clitoris. If couple use their finger then they should apply the personal lubricant on their finger also. If couple use magic wand vibrator then they should also apply some amount of lubricant on the surface of the vibrator.

In the market different types of magic wand vibrator are available. Some magic wand vibrator are battery operator whereas some are USB rechargeable. Couple can purchase any of the magic wand vibrator according to their choice.

Now men use the magic wand vibrator against the clitoris. Most of the magic wand have strong and deep vibration. As you know that magic wand vibrator have different types of vibration pattern and speed. It is important for men to start the vibration pattern with slow speed and then increase the speed of vibration. It provides more pleasure feeling.

While applying the lubricant if the magic wand (which couple can use) is made with the silicone material then couple should avoid using the silicone based lubricant. If they use the silicone based lubricant then there is possibility that the surface of the magic wand get damage. In this case it is better to use the water based lubricant.